This is my entry into the art portion of the SCPwiki's Halloweencon2022 contest! I went a bit overboard.

This game like all other SCP content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0. This game contains links to all featured characters and anomalies.


SCP-166 by DrClef and Cerastes
SCP-2017 by MissMercurial
SCP-6080 by ratking666
Abigail Lacroix by Abrethe
SCP-2241 by Tuomey Tombstone
SCP-3663 by MaliceAforethought
Phoebe by hetarae
SCP-1003 by Doctor Flibble
Dr. Desmarais by Metaphysician
Kuobach by IronShears
Karcist Halyna Ieva by Naepic
Agent Jones by DrAkimoto
SCP-191 by DrClef and Sylocat
SCP-134 by Skali Sharpnose, Voct, and Unknown Author
SCP-2118 by ahbonjour
Chloe and Janet by Dr Asteria
Toby McEnderson by OriTiefling
Director Calvin Bold and SCP-6469 by Calibold
Site Director Basar by UncertaintyCrossing
Snapdragon by Snapdragon133
Dr Cerise by Dr Cerise
Dr Asteria by Dr Asteria
Dr Theron Sherman by Theesherm
Irizu by Skorpt
Ariel Ovo by Seraphannim
D-5761 by D-5761
Tyler Umen by Tyumen
Ines Bernard by Tao McCawley
Prim by Fantem
Jack by Agent Whitney
SCP-2192 by PurpleCheetah
Dr Fern by Dr Fern
Dr Lucretia Deamonne by Zygard
SCP-053 by DrGears
SCP-682 by DrGears and Epic Phail Spy

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(3 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Halloween, Isometric, scp

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